It is generally agreed that the age of information is both a curse and a blessing. There is no shortage of useful information out there but navigating our way through to find the most useful data and documents can be a very time consuming process.

A small group of Congress members have suggested that a useful way to help steer people to the most useful research and documentation would be by identifying it on a special Research section of the Congress website. The Research section will be populated by the membership and act as a signpost for those seeking data for a report, funding application or a presentation.

The idea is that when Congress members identify a useful document they will complete a short pro-forma and this information will subsequently be posted on the website with a link to the source document. We are just asking for some basic information on the pro-forma that could save all of us hours of internet searching.

If you have a document or web link that you feel would be helpful to your colleagues in the sector please download and complete the pro-forma and send to