Key Principles – What are they?

Suffolk County Council are required not only to address the 28% reduction in funding from Central Government but to redesign and maintain (or improve) local services by strengthening ‘communities’ and building social capital in line with Big Society thinking.

The Suffolk Congress is a movement made up from Suffolk’s voluntary and community organisations who fully understand the needs that will be placed upon it and are fully committed to meeting the challenge and being part of the solution.

As a result of the most extensive voluntary and community sector consultation that has ever been undertaken in Suffolk, the Congress has a clear vision of the key strategic partnership requirements for success and a proposal to maximise efficient activity and service delivery migration.

The Suffolk Congress has explored a wide range of strategic activity that could underpin and strengthen the delivery of services and the Big Society agenda. Through the continued distillation of the research carried out by the Congress, it is clearly evident that four key principles will underline the successful delivery of strategies being implemented at a local and national level. It is equally evident that through partnership working with Suffolk County Council, the Congress can play a key advisory and convening role in unlocking the full potential of the voluntary and community sector.


Working Together