The Congress fully recognises and endorses localism as the cornerstone of Big Society rationale and delivery of services, both in financial and social terms. It is clear that a failure to embrace this principle will not only dilute the strategic direction but more importantly, will damage existing Voluntary and Community Organisations and partnerships (because of the interplay between service providers when engaging with a client group) and therefore ultimately weaken communities.

By working with the Congress, decisions can be made that:

  • Fully understand the interplay of organisations who are addressing social needs and their inter-reliance upon each other.
  • Accurately map community capacity and organisational spread by delivery.
  • Identify communities that will need support to develop their Voluntary and Community Organisations’ capacity.
  • Tap into local funding to support community activity.
  • Access development support agencies for Voluntary and Community Organisations.
  • Fully utilise the in depth knowledge held by the Congress.
  • Utilise the practice of successful delivery models for roll-out to all communities.
  • Encourage the development of new organisations (e.g. charities, social enterprises) in the knowledge that local infrastructure organisations are at hand to support development.